Monday, November 24, 2008

Pine Honey Congress Information

Here's information on the Congress: The First Muðla International Congress on Beekeeping and Pine Honey will take place in Muðla – TURKEY from 25 – 27 November, 2008.

The Congress will provide an international forum on all aspects of beekeeping including technical and economical problems, bee health and the environment. All aspects of beekeeping are featured in the Congress agenda. The Congress will be honored by the attendance of distinguished national and international colleagues eminent in beekeeping.

There will be presentations by several national and international colleagues who will provide attendees a detailed insight on apiculture. In addition; delegates from the private sector and civilian social organizations will have an opportunity to review challenges and to elaborate solutions in the beekeeping industry.Muðla is the premier production centre of pine honey in the world.

There will also be ample opportunity to discuss the important headline of honeybee losses occurring in recent years all over the world.Pine Honey of course is honeydew; there are about 7,000 beekeepers in this region producing the highly desirable product.

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