Saturday, January 17, 2009

Second and Third Day in Reno; on to Sonoma

The second and third days in Reno, NV at the annual meeting of The American Beekeeping Federation were full. Thursday the 15th was much about Varroa, including a review of its history and a listing of the new technologies that will be brought to bear on its control. A special presentation by Australia's Denis Anderson revealed that he has found a species of V. jacobsoni that reproduces on honey bees. Not a good development. In addition, Australia has killed some 18 swarms of Apis cerana that appear to the be outgrowth of a single queen. Fortunately, none were found to have Varroa. He attempted to assure the crowd that incursions of cerana near Cairns, Australia was not a risk to the U.S., which is importing a good many packages for almond pollination.

Several speakers examined the virus connection with Varroa. We also learned that the $5 million ARS Area Wide Project for honey bees was underway as was a $4.1 million Coordinated Agriculture Program or CAP. The Research Luncheon sponsored by the Foundation was addressed by retired apiculturist Dr. Anita Collins.

The day was capped off by The Bee Man, March Hoffman, portraying The Rev. L.L. Langstroth at three times in his long life, ages 44, 62 and 82.

Tomorrow I make my way to Sonoma, CA to visit my cousin. Then I will make my way to San Mateo, CA to visit my aunt.

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