Thursday, December 11, 2008

Visit to the Weizman Institute of Science

Miriam and I toured the Weizman Institute of Science, stopping at the Bauhaus-style home of Chaim Weizman, Israel's first president. This is a one-of-a-kind house, with still state-of-the-art styling. It features a pool, circular staircase, a vintge GE refrigerator and a 1950 restored Ford Lincoln given to Weizman by Harry Truman. A 10-minute movie summarizes the remarkable 78-year life of one of Israel's most influential Zionists .

We then walked over to the Memorial Plaza and ended up at the Solar Center: "Forty-four minutes of sunlight. That's all it takes to meet the energy demands of the earth's inhabitants for an entire year. For a taste of the power of creative scientific solutions in this field, come visit the Solar Complex, one of the most sophisticated solar research facilities in the world. The Complex contains 64 mirrors that are controlled by computers calculating the sun's position relative to the earth for every second of the year. Collecting sunlight in bright, arid regions to generate electricity, and creating solar-pumped lasers with significant potential in satellite communications - these and other ongoing projects are explained at the Solar Tower Observation Point."

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