Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Visit to Tel Rehov Excavation of Ancient Bee Hives

As part of our trip to the north Yossi Slabezki and I visited the Tel Rehov dig, part of the Beth-Shean Valley Archaeological Project. A recent find of ancient bee hives is the result of eight seasons of excavation at this site. An article on this concludes: "The discovery of an apiary of an industrial nature in an Iron Age IIA context (Area C) at Tel Rehov constitutes a unique and extraordinary discovery that, in fact, revolutionizes our knowledge of this economic endeavor in general and in ancient Israel in particular."

In addition, it says, "The average calibrated date that fell within the range of high probability (68 percent) was 960 to 870 bce, with the highest probability
within this range being the last quarter of the tenth century bce." This adds great evidence to the Bible's contention that Israel is indeed a land of honey.

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