Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Leaving the United States

It has been a long day! I am now seated in the Los Angeles airport with an hour to go before taking off on Quantas 108 for sydney. The trip across the country was uneventful. I had some reservations that delays were possible due to weather or other kinds of delays, but that has not been the case. My major complaint so far is the design of the Los Angeles airport termina, where one if forced to exit security to change terminals and then have to go through the arduous process again fifteen minutes later.

I will be experimenting on this trip, 13 hours to Australia, with taking melatonin. We will see how this operates. More later as they are calling my flight at this time for boarding.

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arlene said...

Hi Malcolm - hope your trip was a good one. Hate to bother you but Pat is having a problem getting crew and wanted to contact Santa Fe. Noone seems to know who to speak to. Do you remember?