Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 15 – Post Congress Tour, Day 5- Fremantle to Denmark

Today we go south down the coastal road to Bunbury and then inland into the hills, stopping for a short time at Manjimup. Many places with the suffix “up” apparently indicate aboriginal language usage meaning near water. Manjimup is clearly a tourist place in what is called the Karri and Cultures Heartland., featuring abundant water and rich soils. The cultures are agriculture, viticulture, aquaculture, horticulture and silviculture. It is not only an area of large wild trees, but also tree fruits. The long Bibbulmun trail runs through here, beginning near Denmark and going 1000 km north to Perth and beyond.

Our destination in the region is the Valley of the Giants

in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park and its well known tree-top walk that is handicap accessible, at its highest 40 meters above the forest floor. It is built to swing, providing the sensation of being in a swinging tree, which takes some getting used to. The Red Tingle trees here are some of the largest trees in the world, approaching the sequoahs in California. Many are like the California trees are marked by fire and hollowed out, making nice photo opportunities.

We see the “kangaroo lady” here in a beat up Toyota Land Cruiser filled with baby roos and wallabies, victims of road-killed parents often. She sits placidly in the parking lot nursing them on roo formula. We learn the formula must be adjusted periodically to the developing “joeys.” When they get larger, she liberates them on her land.

After an enjoyable interlude at the Valley of the Giants, we head up the road to Bartholomew’s Meadery just outside of Denmark. This place is for sale at the moment. It features some of the best mead, both dry and sweet varieties We see yet another extracting facility and make a tour of the grounds. The place has a “new age” feel about it with manikens and references to spirits and gods.

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Malcolm, Sally. I got the beautiful post card...thanks! I'm going to use initials because I don't know if this goes public.
I have bad news, and don't know if you already heard. PB has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is having surgery today @ Shands. I heard this from J. in Melbourne last night. Symptoms started last Saturday. Needless to say, keep P and T in your prayers. I know you will be on the way home in a day or so and will post again if there's news and time. Best, Marilyn