Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cell phone purchased - International Telephone Cards

I have purchased the Telestial cell phone package for Australia and New Zealand, Anzac promotion, which includes a Siemens AF51 phone, Australia Sim Card (Just Prepaid Mobile), New Zealand Sim Card (Vodaphone) and all-in-one International Plug adaptor.

This also comes with $5 Telestial Global Phone Card: Australia Access 1800-150-812 (Connect fee $.59 and $.49 per minute) plus economy numbers, New Zealand Access 0800-443-045 (Connect fee of $.59, and $1.57 per minute for mobile phones, $.39 per minute landlines at 0800-445-108, Economy numbers also available and the card is rechargeable .

I also have a Net2Phone International calling card with two kinds of access numbers, universal and toll free. Rates are $.15 per minute from both countries after connect. 800 numbers may have a surcharge, but it isn't easy to find out what that might be. The nice thing about Net2Phone is you can get a list of calls made and charges directly from the web. They charge $.90 to connect calls from payphones in the U.S. using 1-800-840-7438 and if one calls a cell phone it's $.39 per minute. Most U.S. calls from landlines are $.04 per minute.

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